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June's Theme - The Spirit of God Within You

Our theme for June 2020 , The Spirit of God Within You , empowers us to realize the power the God of Israel has placed within us. It is up to us to realize this power and become able to utilize the Spirit of God within us to gain the victory over situations and challenges in life that have us bound.

Please remember that the Spirit of God within us is different from the breathe of life we enjoy. When we fail to develop our spiritual selves we rely only on logic and cause and effect reasoning to govern our lives. This can be ok, but we will not be able to release the awesome transformative power of the Spirit of God within us. This is why it is important to meet someone who can teach us things that are spiritually discern. S. John 6:45 reads that we all must be taught of God. In order to develop ourselves spiritually we must accept the teaching given to us in The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army and strengthen our inner man which helps us to become a master of ones self. We then can die from this world and ourselves so the Kingdom of God can freely spring forth from within us.

When we realize that the Spirit of God is within us, we understand that we are responsible for the life we are now living. If something unpleasant is occurring in our lives we realize we have the power within us to change it. We cannot blame others for the state of affairs in our lives but we are free to use the power of the Spirit of God within us to change our lives for the better.

Developing a relationship with the Spirit of God within us is the key. What can we do to enhance that relationship? First, we must meet a spiritually-minded person who an teach us about the Spirit of God. Proverbs 20:5 reads Council in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out. This person of understanding may be a Pastor, minister , parent or friend who has been taught spiritually themselves. The mind cannot teach what it does not know. In order to get the Spirit of Israel you must be taught the doctrine of The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army according to the man of God in our generation who is our King Bishop Bobby J. Davis. Secondly we must hear and keep the commandments. We must be obedient to the commandments of the God of Israel that is being taught to us in order to develop spiritual discipline which is crucial in the development of becoming spiritually-minded. We also must study to show ourselves approved. We must be taught how to effectively meditate and pray on spiritual things daily. Finally and most importantly we must love one another. We must love in deed and in truth. We must develop this because even though no one can do it for us, it has to be more than just about the individual. People who have developed the Spirit of God within them use this development not to just bless themselves , but their lives are a blessing to others also. In doing the above it will increase your faith , determination and trust in the God of Israel.

In my conclusion I would like to thank all Israel for the wonderful General Assembly we just enjoyed. I am eternally grateful to our King , Bishop Bobby J. Davis for having the spiritual foresight to bring us together so we could give thanks and praise to the Great God of Israel for his many blessings to us. As our King told us it would be alright if we attended our Assembly and we were all alright. We had a wonderful time enjoying our brothers and sisters from the different parts of the vineyard. Israel let us continue to be obedient to our King and others he has placed over us so we can know the presence of the Spirit of God within us. With the Spirit of the God of Israel within us we can do all things. All things are possible to him that believes.


Bishop Harvey Beavers Jr.

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