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Principle #7

 In The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army we believe that all Israel shall be saved.

Scriptures for Reading

Romans 11:26

Isaiah 45:16-17

Isaiah 43:1-7

Joel 2:27-28

Revelation 7:1-4

Principle Explanation

In The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army it is our belief that any individual who surnames themselves by the name Israel (Isaiah 44:5) and obeys the commandments of the God of Israel and the teaching of the man of God in this generation who is none other than our King and visible head Bishop Bobby J. Davis, will be saved.

When we say saved, we are not speaking of being saved after death in some spiritual body form in some unspecified location which is referred to as heaven, but we believe we will be liberated from any conflict, challenge or falsehood and enlightened into full awareness of our sonship of the God of Israel.

Becoming Israel is more than just to surname oneself and receiving right hand fellowship but we must take on the full nature of our sonship. We must have an awakening of our God-consciousness inside of us so we can live up to the true purpose for which we were created, to be in the image and likeness of God ( Genesis 1:27). We must have divine nature and our salvation lies in acquiring divine nature by becoming righteous in living by the God of Israel’s commandments and obeying the man of God in our generation who is sent by the God of Israel to give us the message the God of Israel has for us in our time and generation. This will change our character and allow us to maintain the eternal life that is already abiding in us (1 John 3:15). In The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army we are not looking to be saved after death, our salvation is in being obedient to the God of Israel and seeing the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Psalms 27:13). 


1.    How does being saved in the doctrine of The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army

      differ from being saved in most religious doctrines?

2.    What must an individual do to become Israel?


3.    How does the concept of eternal life differ in The Spiritual Israel Church and Its

      Army from most religious teachings?

4.    Why is it important to have a living man as a messenger of the God of Israel?

Practical Points


1.    We believe to be saved is to be free, liberated from any conflict, challenge or


2.    To become Israel, one must surname himself by the name Israel, keep the God of

       Israel’s commandments and be obedient to the man of God in this generation.

3.    We believe we have eternal life already abiding in us. We do not have to wait until

       we die to receive eternal life. It is our knowledge of how to maintain this eternal

       life that must be enhanced.

4.    We believe that the God of Israel is a God of the living (St. Mark 12:26) therefore

       his messenger must be a living person in our time and generation. It is also

       important so that we do not live in fantasy and imagination or become detach

       from what is happening in our time period by only focusing on the past. 

Research and Discussion

1.    Discuss what it means to be Israel.  Why is just calling ourselves Israel different

       from being Israel?

2.    How can you tell if you are saved? Discuss whether you are saved or not and give

       reasons for your answer.

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