August 2020 Theme Summation

August theme , The Sons of the God of Israel , allows us to understand that we all have the opportunity to realize we all are Sons and Daughters of the God of Israel. Only we , through disobedience and unwillingness in allowing the Spirit of God to lead and guide us , separates us from our Father, who is the God of Israel. And even then because of his great love , compassion and everlasting mercy for us , he still awaits for us to return to our relationship with him.

This theme imparts the knowledge to us that all who allow the God of Israel to lead an guide them are Sons and Daughters of the God of Israel. This awareness of who we are and who we represent is life changing as we grow spiritually. In realizing we are Sons and Daughters of the God of Israel we should be an example of his goodness and mercy in our daily lives.

Most people only look at Jesus Christ as being the only Son of God and this mindset deprives them of their full potential. When we are brought into the knowledge that we can have the same relationship with the God of Israel as Jesus, Abraham Moses or any other biblical person, then we can truly demonstrate the God of Israel in our lives in this day and time and not totally rely on the letter of scripture in past tense but truly have a loving relationship with our Father , the God of Israel in the present tense and begin to truly KNOW HIM for ourselves.

In being Sons and Daughters of The God of Israel, we are required to live righteously. We cannot say we are properly representing the God of Israel if we live contrary to the way he desires us to live. We also must obey our King, Bishop Bobby J. Davis , whom the God of Israel has sent to us if it is our desire to please the God of Israel

It is great to realize when we stray from the righteous path the God of Israel does not terminate our relationship with him. He stands all day long with outstretched arms waiting for us to return to him. He will not follow after us when we decide to depart from him but he awaits patiently for our return to forgive us and heal us if we humble ourselves and turn from wickedness. What a Mighty and Compassionate God we serve.

In strengthening our relationship with the God of Israel commitment is the key. We may not always get things right and many times we fall short due to human weakness but we can never give up in our quest to love and serve one another. In doing so we are loving and serving the God of Israel. We must continue to come to our services, pay our tithes, be obedient to our King and love and serve one another in righteousness. Our commitment is key in having a sincere sonship with the God of Israel. We must take our relationship with the God of Israel seriously. We cannot continue to be lukewarm when it comes to our sonship with our Father. What does sonship with the God of Israel mean to you? Think about it. Our Father has the whole entire world and everything in it in his hands. If we put him first by loving him with all our heart, soul , mind and strength, whatever we desire can be ours. This is the greatness of being Sons and Daughters of the God of Israel.


Bishop Harvey Beavers Jr.

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