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Principle #6

 In The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army, we see The God of Israel as one, not in three, therefore we do not believe in the doctrine of the trinity concept of God.

Scriptures for Reading

Deuteronomy 6:4

Nehemiah 9:5-6

2 Chronicles 29:10-11

Isaiah 44:6, 24

Isaiah 45:5

St. Mark 12:29

Romans 13:1

Principle Explanation

The doctrine of the trinity, which God exist in three separate but co-equal parts is in direct contradiction to the word of God. The belief that God exist as a triune being as God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost is a man-made theology and misinterprets a very few scriptures out of context and once again, requires believers of this theology to disregard countless others scriptures that are contrary to it. In The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army we believe that the God of Israel is all knowing; all powerful and needs no co-equals or sub-deities to help define the God of Israel as the only true and living God. The God of Israel is the source of all there ever was, is and ever will be and is exalted above all principalities and powers and the God of Israel alone is in control of all things.

The trinity doctrine was conceived to allure pagans to Gentile Christian theology and as a compromise to polytheistic religious beliefs. In teaching that God is a triune being, pagans could still retain their belief in more than one God, and yet, still insist it is a monotheistic belief. This made it easier for pagans to convert to Christianity. All of this theology was established in the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. with none or very little biblical scripture to support the trinity doctrine.

When we look at the scriptures, we find there are many scriptures that refer to the God of Israel as God all by himself. I have listed some above as points of reference but there are many others. In The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army we recognize that the God of Israel has many different attributes and that the God of Israel can express himself in many different ways, however we do not teach that these expressions or attributes are the God of Israel or co-equal with him. We teach that these are expressions and attributes that belong to the God of Israel and are utilized so the God of Israel can better reveal himself to his people Israel. One scripture that is used out of context to support this misrepresentation of God is St. Matthew 28:19 where it reads that the disciples were instructed to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. If you read this scripture it states nothing about all three being God, co-equal with God etc. It is basically an instruction on what name to baptize in. If we look further into the scriptures we find in Psalms 72:18-19 that the name of God is the God of Israel. Exodus 4:22 reads that Israel is my son, even my firstborn, so the son is Israel and the Holy Ghost is only the Spirit of God which we receive when we hear the words of God (Acts 10:44). This scripture to me gives no indication that it is trying to describe the God of Israel as a triune being.

Another scripture used to defend the trinity doctrine is 1 John 5:7. I will not delve into the authenticity of the scripture in the original Hebrew script but the major error of misinterpretation is made when it is automatically assumed that the Word means Jesus Christ. The scripture, if read as is, states that in heaven, which is the kingdom of God that is in us (St. Luke 17:21), the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost are one. All of this is a spiritual dimension that is invisible and can only be recognize with a spiritual mind. 1 John 5:8, the scripture right below it, talks about the spirit, the water and the blood, things that can be seen on the earthly level that agree as one. 1 John 5:7 talks about what is essential to be born of the Spirit of God. 1 John 5:8 talks about what is essential for natural birth to take place. So once again we see when scriptures are misinterpreted, they can lead to distortions and misconceptions that lead us away from the truth as it relates to the God of Israel. This scripture in no way indicates that God is in three separate co-equal parts. It is not stated in this scripture. This scripture is stating what is necessary for true spiritual rebirth for us to become sons and daughters of God.

In The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army we do not teach God the Son, as gentile Christian theology main foundation to their theology is that Jesus Christ is God, The Almighty God, who came down to earth as man to redeem man, so he took on a physical body that was named Jesus, therefore Mary became the mother of God and Jesus became God the Son as the second part of the trinity. In contrast to this, we teach Jesus was a Son of God, who gave people the message the God of Israel had for them in their generation. We admire the written record of Jesus Christ as a healer, teacher and prophet for the people in the time in which he lived. We do not teach that Jesus Christ was, is or in any way equal with or to the God of Israel.

The Holy Ghost, which in the trinity doctrine is the third person of the trinity, is only the divine inspiration of the God of Israel. Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is God. St John 4:24 reads God is a Spirit. So God is a Spirit and we know his Spirit is Holy. St. John 14:26 read that the Holy Ghost is the comforter. This is none other than the Spirit of God that dwell in us (1 Corinthians 3:16). This is not an entity or person that is equal to or co-equal with the God of Israel. It is the Spirit of the God of Israel that belongs to him and by his Spirit we commune with the God of Israel.

In conclusion in The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army we do not teach the trinity doctrine because it is in direct opposition to true biblical teaching and causes anyone that believes in it to waver from seeing the God of Israel as he is, Exalted above all, needing no co-equals or sub-deities. He is God alone, and his glory he will not give to another

(Isaiah 42:8)


1.    Where did the trinity doctrine come from?

2.    What are two scriptures that are basically misinterpreted in the trinity doctrine?

3.    In our doctrine, how do we see the God of Israel?

4.    Do we teach Jesus Christ as God the Son?


Practical Points


1.    In The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army we see God as one.

2.    In our doctrine we teach that Jesus Christ was a Son of God.

3.    There is no biblical scripture that supports the trinity doctrine of God. It is

       primarily based on two misinterpreted scriptures.

4.    The God of Israel is God alone and he will not give his glory to another.

Research and Discussion

1.    Discuss why it is so important to see God as one. Can you find other scriptures

       than those listed that support the God of Israel is God all by himself?

2.    Research the beginning of the trinity theory. What was its main objective? How 

      does it differ from our teaching?

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