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Principle #1

In every generation or time period, the God of Israel sends an enlighten man to lead, teach and be an example to his people Israel.


 Scriptures for reading

 Deuteronomy 18:18-23

 Acts 3:21-25

 Ezekiel 2:1-10


Principle Explanation


It is evident throughout biblical history that the God of Israel has always sent an enlighten leader to be an example and teacher to his people Israel. Biblical history reveals to us that the God of Israel selects enlighten men and women and commands them to communicate to his people Israel the message the God of Israel has for them in their time and generation. In the Book of Exodus, we read how the children of Israel were in grievous bondage to the Egyptians but no relief came until the God of Israel sent a

man he had prepared to lead them out of bondage. That man was Moses the servant of God.


As we continue in biblical reading we find this principle of the God of Israel sending men and women to his people Israel to be consistent throughout the bible. Before Moses there was Noah, who forewarned the people of a great flood coming upon the earth. After Moses there was Joshua, the Judges, Kings David and Solomon, all of the prophets of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ. After Jesus Christ there was Peter and Paul and other prophets and leaders sent by the God of Israel to his people Israel.


The Bible also instructs us that the God of Israel does not change (Malachi 3:6) and what the God of Israel does is forever (Ecclesiastes 3:14), so we believe this principle is constant in our time and generation. The God of Israel has sent Bishop Bobby Davis to us to be a leader and an example to us and we are to receive the message the God of Israel gives to us through the man in our time and generation. This is staying consistent with the principle that has already been revealed throughout biblical history. This principle is in effect so the children of Israel will take heed to their ways.

(1 Kings 8:25).


The main purpose of the God of Israel sending a leader to us is to teach us of things that are spiritually discerned. The bible reads in St. John 6:45 that we all must be taught of God. There is no other way to obtain knowledge of God unless someone who is godly teaches us. Our King Bishop Bobby Davis is able, through the revelation of the spirit of the God of Israel, to make known to us what we must do to please the God of Israel. Our King is also an example to us in how we should live our lives so our living is pleasing to the God of Israel. It is extremely important that we are able to see someone in our day and time manifest the works and live a life that represents the manifestation of the God of Israel. This is important so we can live in the present and not in the past. It is also important that this representation of the God of Israel be a live physical person because

the God of Israel is a God of the living (St. Mark 12:26). This is of utmost importance because if we do not have someone in our time and generation, we are living in imagination.


Every pastor that is selected by our King, Bishop Bobby Davis, to be over each Spiritual Israel temple, carries the same responsibility to the congregation over which he is pastor. The pastor must be in a oneness with the King of Israel so the same spirit of unity is present regardless to what Spiritual Israel temple you attend. As our King is in a oneness with the God of Israel, each pastor when he hears and obeys the King of Israel can promote this same spirit of unity to the congregation that they pastor. This principle of the God of Israel sending an enlighten man in every time period and generation is very important because it also teaches us that we cannot obtain knowledge from God on our own. In order to work the works of God, we must believe on him whom God has sent

(St. John 6:29).




  1. Name some individuals in your time and generation the God of Israel has sent to you?

  2. Name two reasons why the God of Israel sends an enlighten man to his people Israel?

  3. Why is it important to have someone you can see in your day and time?

  4. Is the principle of sending an enlighten man consistent throughout history?

  5. What is the duty of each pastor at each Spiritual Israel temple?

  6. Name two other biblical characters that were not mentioned that were sent to Israel?

  7. What must we do in order to work the works of God?



Practical Points


  1. The principle of the God of Israel sending his people Israel an enlighten man as a leader, teacher and example is consistent throughout history. It did not end with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

  2. We must live in the present and not in the past. If we do not have someone we can see in our time and generation, we are living in imagination. 

  3. We all must be taught of God. There is no other way to increase in knowledge about the God of Israel.

  4. Each pastor must be in unity with the King of Israel. This is the only way to have unity throughout The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army.

Research and Discussion


  1. What happens, according to biblical history, when the people of Israel refuse to hear the enlighten man the God of Israel has sent to them?

  2.  From our text, what method did the God of Israel give to his people so they would know if he truly sent the person who is representing him?

  3.  What purpose can history serve to us today?

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