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April's Theme - Put The God of Israel First

Updated: May 28, 2020

Our theme for April, Put the God of Israel First, helps us to understand the importance of prioritizing our relationship with the God of Israel. It is important that we put the God of Israel first because he is the reason and source of our existence. Without the God of Israel , there is no us.

In making the God of Israel first in our lives , we must realize this is a choice and it is totally up to us. What is needed by each individual is an open mind so we can be taught about the Spirit of God that lives in each and every one of us. If we allow the man of God in this generation , our King Bishop Bobby J. Davis and the pastors under his leadership to teach us, we can become spiritually-minded, which will give us the necessary thirst and desire to put the God of Israel first. Without becoming spiritually-minded it will be next to impossible to ever put the God of Israel first in our lives.

In order to put the God of Israel first there are three things that initially need to take place. First , we must meet a man/woman  of God with the right knowledge and hear and obey the words which they speak to us. We all must be taught of God (St. John 6:45) In being taught we must discern in our spirit what we are trying to attain and deny our fleshly nature in order to activate the spirit of God that is already within us. As we learn more , we must be willing to do more. Practical application of what we learn is critical in the process of putting the God of Israel first. Secondly we must make the choice to live righteously. There is nothing more pleasing to the God of Israel than righteousness. No matter how much knowledge and understanding a person may possess , if they have not made the choice to live a righteous life , it is just sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. Finally and I believe most importantly, we must have a spirit of love. Love is the universal spirit behind all righteousness and godliness. Without love for one another and our willingness to show that love to all we meet ,our living becomes carnal and of no real value to the God of Israel.

Many concerns, trials and challenges will occur to see if we really put the God of Israel first in our lives. No matter what the situation, if we have put the God of Israel first, our faith and trust in the God of Israel will overcome our doubts and fears and we will rise above that specific challenge that has been presented to us. If not, fear and doubt will rule our hearts and mind and many times prevent us from truly knowing how good the God of Israel is to us. All throughout the scriptures the God of Israel had his messengers passionately instruct the children of Israel not to fear regardless of the situation they were in. This mindset can only be obtained and maintained by putting the God of Israel first. If we truly seek his presence in our lives, adhere to the words of the man of God in our generation and be obedient to the spirit of God, allowing it to lead and guide us, we will realize that our life is in his hands. During this trying time fear is raging throughout the land but as the children of Israel let us be assured that,  Israel shall be saved in the Lord with an everlasting salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end

(Isaiah 45:17)

Peace and Love

Bishop Beavers

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